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What does Sh8re do?.

Sh8re builds a fully customised and branded online shopping platform for each of our clients featuring the everyday merchants most people already use, along with an extensive range of shopping in almost every retail category.  Your members can access your site through their smartphone or PC to several thousand of the world’s most well-known companies.

Because retailers now use the power of the internet, their advertising sources have also changed, and they now pay anyone who directs a customer their way.  Every time a member of yours shops through your site, you’re are supplying these retailers with new custom, effectively earning commission on each and every sale. 

While also supplying a free way for your members to donate.
This is a 24/7 fundraising initiative that requires no ongoing investment from our clients and has the potential to grow your revenue month after month.

So, the Affiliate Commission earned from your member’s spending habits, on your own shopping platform, contributes to you being able to achieve your goals sooner, without any real effort required by you or your members.

No-one had to put in extra hours, or work any harder to earn that Commission. YOU reap the benefits of a successful “Affiliate Marketer” because you’re operating under our “Master Affiliate Status”

Your members become an integral part of your Fund-Raising efforts, creating a real sense of community and contribution. This is a big value-add service for members. Everyone loves a shiny, new toy and it appeals to all age groups because everyone shops online these days.

This is a real opportunity to embrace the age of the internet and take full advantage of the most powerful marketing vehicle on the planet to help you. It’s an opportunity to “utilise the efforts of others to generate revenue”.
It’s the age for new thinking, you can’t move forward in great strides with old thinking.

  • Fully branded and customised
  • Free for your Supporters to join
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all Smart phones, tablets and PC’s
  • Effortless fundraising 24/7
  • Continually maintained and updated at no cost to you
  • Full Marketing package to promote and grow your business
  • No ongoing fees at all
  • Ever increasing revenue
  • Monthly cheques
  • Completely Secure with all necessary security protocols for online purchasing
  • Scalable to suit an increasing membership base or your changing needs.
  • Fully Transparent so you’ll be able to track member engagement through the back office of your website/platform and track revenue.
  • 100% Plug and Play, so once you’re plugged in, your members can start using the platform immediately and your club/charity starts generating revenue.


Raise funds 24/7, without asking for donations

Your donors can multiply their current giving capacity, through their regular weekly purchases.

Campaign-specific fundraising

Create a specific campaign, at the push of a button, and raise funds through members regular purchases for a specified project.

Capture donor interest at an event

At any gathering of supporters, have all in attendance sign up for Sh8re on their smart phones and name the organization as their target. They will then be ready to shop when they return to their home computers.

Be retailer specific

If the organization only wants certain retail presence on their site. They can market directly to organizations they support and are like minded with..