Sh8re is a company incorporated in the USA and set up for the specific purpose of providing fund raising for all clubs, charities and associations in need.
Our founders and partners have a long and strong history in the affiliate marketing space and have combined this with a passion to create change in today’s world.
To change our environment, we first have to “be the change”.  Recognising this, Sh8re has found a way to take legitimate and ethical advantage of the many Billions of affiliate dollars being offered by the Corporate world, pay ourselves, and change the face of Charity Fundraising, therefore changing communities, and our world.  
Sh8re WINS
Charity WINS
Retailers WIN
Shoppers WIN
Community WINS
Does it get any better?

Data bases are one of the most valuable assets of a business.   In the case of Charity, data bases don’t always generate income as most people are overcommitted and can’t afford to support everything that is dear to them.

Retail is becoming more cost efficient by going online, and one of the biggest changes is in their marketing.  TV, magazine, radio and newspaper ads are being replaced with online ads and most importantly, personal referral, or affiliate leads.
So, we have come up with a solution.

In short, it’s a customised online shopping site offering your members a better shopping experience with cheaper prices (most of the time), of which you make a percentage every time someone shops 24/7.  Every time your business shops through your own site, the Merchant also pays you a commission. 

And your member inadvertently gives you a donation.

With the combined power of affiliate marketing and leverage, you make a small percentage from each sale made through your site. 

For example, if you have 5,000 supporters, with an initial 5% uptake, that’s   250 people shopping, conservatively at about $100 per week or $5200 per year. 

That’s 250 x $100 x 52 = $1,300,000 averaging a 3% rebate, equalling $39,000 of which your organisation receives 70% or $27,300. 

This usually increases as your marketing kicks in and more people are using your platform.

Our merchants all pay different affiliate commissions, depending on their business model.  This can range from 1 – 45%. 

Rest assured our marketing team will be promoting a wide range of products to take advantage of the best deals for you and your members.

It might not be lack of generosity, rather a lack of funds leftover at the end of each week. 

This way they will save on their everyday expenses AND be donating to you.  It’s a win/win for all.

This is wholly dependent on their current shopping habits.  Though wealth creation is based on doing the small things consistently and compounding into significant changes. 

We envisage a minimum of around 3% of their yearly household spend.

Some are big, some are small, and they all add up!

While it is free for your members/supporters to register, we understand we need to change people’s habits for this to really work. 

This is a 2-fold solution.

Firstly, we can provide cheaper shopping and better deals in one place majority of the time.  Secondly, our marketing will give them an emotional reason to be loyal to you.

It will take about 5 weeks to get your site built depending on how quickly you can get the artwork to us. We’ll work with you on a suitable name for your platform and what details you want showing on the opening page; and we built it for you.

We start educating you on how to talk the talk and promote it to your members. We have a vested interest in making this a highly successful for you.

There is no doubt the business model works.  We have the best marketing team working with us, so we are very confident of the numbers. 

Any google search will confirm the strength of global and local online shopping, and it is not slowing down.  It is the way of the future. 

With your cooperation, we will make this work.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  This is a revenue raiser that gets stronger every month. 

p>A better question might be “What will it cost you not to be involved?” 

As we have been in this space for a long time we have all the expertise needed, so you are investing in a duplicatable system, which keeps your costs down.

When you speak with one of our team we are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the investment needed. 

Oh, and if this is not for you, we understand.