- 24/7 fundraising, through everyday shopping.

A VALUE-ADD for your supporters, that’s free to use, and gives a good feeling every time their weekly purchases make a difference to YOUR CAUSE.

Along the way, they get encouragement and thanks, staying engaged with YOUR MISSION goals and being rewarded with exclusive pricing and deals.

For every 1000 members: you’re potentially missing out on $150,000, per year, in spend-anywhere-funds.


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With our motto “TO EFFECT CHANGE, WE NEED TO BE THE CHANGE”, Sh8re has found a way to ethically re-direct the billions of affiliate dollars, being offered by online retailers, to INCREASE DONOR GIVING WORLDWIDE.

  • Effortless, 24/7 fundraising
  • FULLY BRANDED for your organization
  • CUSTOMIZED to fit your mission values
  • Monthly checks
  • Highlight SPECIFIC FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS with changeable banners
  • Fully SECURE with all necessary security protocols
  • User experience is EASY, ENGAGING, and non-invasive
  • TRACK SUPPORTER ENGAGEMENT through detailed analytics
  • FREE to join for your supporters

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01.Register your Organization

One of team will go through all the features, benefits, and options with the decision makers in your Organization.

From there, it’s easy, just provide us with your logo and mission description and we will personalize your platform so that it reinforces your mission goals and sits within your branding standards.

02.Launch your rewards platform, your way

We work alongside you to announce your rewards platform to your supporters in a way that sits within your communication style and standards.

Introductory material available, if required.

Once your supporters register for your platform, we will create seasonal encouragement and thank you emails, sent from your rewards URL, to promote engagement and combat donor fatigue.

03.Sh8re in the rewards

Every month you will receive a report reviewing the revenue raised through the everyday shopping of your supporters.

As more of your supporters embrace this concept of donation your revenue will continue to increase.

Who Are We

Sh8re is a company incorporated in the USA, established for the specific purpose of providing Crowd Sourcing and Fund Raising to assist Clubs, Charities, Organizations and Churches with their fundraising objectives.

Members Shop 24 7

We believe this platform will change the face of traditional fund raising as we know it. This is something that can work “around the clock” and has the potential to increase revenue raising month after month, carries no ongoing costs and utilizes the most powerful marketing vehicle on the planet.

Any device any platform.

Whether your supporters use their Phone, Tablet or PC, they will get all the benefits of your fully optimised and customised shopping platform

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Watch this short Video

This video will show how simple the concept is.

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Unique Selling Points

See how it works.

Raise funds 24/7, without asking for donations

Your donors can multiply their current giving capacity, through their regular weekly purchases.

Learn more about your donors

See data and statistics, by donor name, of all transactions: merchants they use, and the dollar amount spent. Helping organizations identify donors capacity for giving and amplify occasional donors into regular supporters.

Campaign-specific fundraising

Create a specific campaign, at the push of a button, and raise funds through members regular purchases for a specified project.

Develop "Where Most Needed" funds .

For use within your organization , Use these funds outside of budgeted items to hire employees, increase marketing presence, open a new country program or to reach out to more supporters through social media. etc.

Capture donor interest at an event

At any gathering of supporters, have all in attendance sign up for Sh8re on their smart phones and name the organization as their target.  They will then be ready to shop when they return to their home computers.

Set up a minimum monthly shopping amount .

show your donors what that amount will do to benefit the organization , i.e.- twenty dollars will feed a family in Ethiopia for a month if your shop through the portal..

Be retailer specific

If the organization only wants certain retail presence on their site. They can market directly to organizations they support and are like minded with.

Strategy for donor fatigue

Take this opportunity to be different when you ask for support.  Don't fall into the same donor fatigue that most organizations are practicing..

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